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Kehila ami Jadesh Yameinu Yeshua

ya tenemos lugar de adoracion B'H

Nuevo Siddur para el serbvicio de Ma'ariv o Arvit

Servicio en vivo!

servicio Shajarit (por la manana) 9:30am-12:30pm solo cada primer shabbat del mes.

servicio de M'ariv (por la tarde) hora de invierno a las 3:00pm-5:30pm la parasha en vivo por facebook en la cuenta del Roeh "oscar Calderon" vera la estrella de David.

las fiestas del Eterno 2019! vea arriba en la pagina central a la derecha "up coming events"

No upcoming events

Tiempo en Israel




donaciones/ofrendas de agradecimiento al Eterno

haz click en la seccion iGENEA arriba en la pagina principal


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la parasha semanal en shabbat en vivo 4:00pm hora centro de invierno


kehila Chadesh Yameinu Yeshua

the congregation renew our days (before) Yeshua HaMashiach Chadesh Yameinu Yeshua. locate 4158 frontier sun San Antonio, tx. 78244 leader spiritual Roeh Oscar J.P. ben Calderon F.


Ma'ariv service in Shabbat star 3:00pm pray in group, regular servicio 4:00pm- 6:45pm center time in winter season star one hour early...


we are:


A Messianic congregation netzrim (root) mashiajim (Messianic) roots of Christianity, in the time of Yeshua Christianity did not exist, only Judaism, other nations and / or adjective was paganism there was no other religion, which Hashem formed at Mount Sinai when the call to go out and named the kehila the Eternal, who called chosen, holy, etc. Christianity we know today came when Roma won a new religion officially took from 300 approx. and this (Roman Christianity) who is the representative (the Vatican) in its majority of the world's religions except Judaism.


we proclaim to the world the divinity of Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel and the whole world, not forgetting their Jewish roots, their personality, their practices, their faith, were and are clearly Jewish.


Introduce as much as possible, the teaching of the Torah to all nations, to restore Jewish figure of Yeshua, his teachings and legacy of our generation through the dissemination of his teachings and legacy of each nation.



Combat anti-Semitism in all its forms and educate our generation to the principle of love and support for our people Israel, status and national rights and in exile.



To unite all members to do together what is impossible separately, thereby facilitating the formation of all tangible structures and mechanisms necessary to fulfill the vision and goals proclaim his (second) coming, here on earth to re-unify at 12 tribes of Israel for His glory and bring peace and justice to the gentile nations will come and / or uploaded to Yerushalayim at the feast of Tabernacles to worship the King of Kings ....



see more in the section in which we believe.